papa + creator + teacher

papa + creator + teacher

papa + creator + teacherpapa + creator + teacherpapa + creator + teacher

I create things like videos, photos, courses, bread, beer and more... thanks for being here!

 - Phil Ebiner



Life is a wonderful, complex adventure. Mine as a papa to twin boys and a baby girl is just beginning. They are my number one, along with their mama, Isabel.


My professional background is in video production and editing. I graduated from Loyola Marymount University's School of Film and Television in 2011. Since then, I've worked on thousands of projects that have appeared in movie theaters, film festivals, television and online. 

Today, I create all kinds of things from photographs that can be seen on my Instagram to homemade sourdough bread that feeds my family. Who knows where life will take me. But I know wherever I am, I'll be creating! is my wife's podcast, where she shares local stories about our hometown San Dimas. I think she's awesome, and you should check it out!


Since 2012, I've been creating online courses that over one million students from around the world have taken.  Course topics include everything from photography and video to design and business courses. If I can't teach it ,  I collaborate with other experts who share their skills with absolute beginners. is my website where you can take my online courses. You can also find them on top course platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. is a website and community  I created to help new photographers become confident with their cameras! is a podcast and community I created to help others start teaching their own online courses.